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Inner-Tite Corp.

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For decades, INNER-TITE has been the driving force behind Utility Theft Prevention innovations that are now generally accepted as best practices. From innovative tamper-resistant meter seals to high security locking devices and more, INNER-TITE offers the most complete line of utility theft prevention products available in the industry. Our unmatched reputation for innovation, security and quality has been earned from our commitment to engineering, design and U.S. based product manufacturing.

Kings Mountain, City of

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The mission of Kings Mountain's Energy Department is to provide safe and reliable services for our customers at the lowest cost possible; maintain and operate facilities that assure safe, dependable electricity, natural gas, and fiber optics, giving due diligence to all conservation and environmental impacts; to plan for the future to assure adequate resources with progressive but sound economic reasoning.

Lexington Utilities

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 The City of Lexington is a multimillion-dollar government operation providing a full range of services including public safety with professional police and fire protection, recycling and waste collection services, the construction and maintenance of streets and infrastructure, recreational activities and City Hall after 2016 Renovations cemetery services; as well as support of economic development initiatives in the city limits and quality of life cultural events at the Commons on the Gree

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