Heath and Associates sells consulting service business to Magnolia River Services Inc.

May 1, 2024

Heath and Associates sells consulting service business to Magnolia River Services Inc.

Mr. E. Scott Heath, President and CEO, is proud to announce that Heath and Associates is selling our assets and operations to Magnolia River Services Inc. Magnolia River Services Inc.

{"Magnolia River"), is a leading utility professional and field services firm with expertise in Engineering, Inspection, GIS, and Software.

Heath and Associates was founded by Charles Heath in 1960. We have developed a reputation of excellence and for making our customers successful. Our success is greatly attributed to our strong relationships and how our customers integrate our services into their operation. We are very appreciative of the patronage and loyalty of our customers over the past 64 years.

Heath and Associates has faithfully served public natural gas systems (primarily municipal and cooperatives) for 64 years. Over that time, Heath and Associates has developed a strong reputation as the go-to provider for natural gas system design, Operations & Maintenance

{O&M) manuals, and utility consultant services. Recently, Heath and Associates has helped many natural gas systems successfully apply for the PHMSA Natural Gas Distribution Infrastructure Safety & Modernization Grants.

With this acquisition, Magnolia River Services strengthens its commitment to the municipal market and acquires a work force with invaluable industry experience. Heath and Associates' leadership, including CEO Scott Heath and VP Aaron Moses, are expected to continue in Engineering roles within Magnolia River Services. Jason Aberdeen, VP of Engineering at Magnolia River Services, says about the opportunity, "We are excited to see Heath and Associates combine with Magnolia River Services. They bring a wealth of knowledge and a great reputation with their municipality clients. We look forward to combining resources and delivering on some great projects."

Robbie Laney, CCO of Magnolia River, says "At a time when many of our competitors are solely focused on bigger opportunities with investor-owned utilities (IOUs}, we want to reaffirm our commitment to the municipal natural gas clients that helped make us into what we are today."

We are looking forward to combining forces with Magnolia River. Magnolia River has expertise in areas that are complementary to our services, and the addition of these resources will enable us to provide our customers with better service. Magnolia River also shares a great reputation in the gas industry, and we look forward to carrying our relationships and expertise into their organization.


About Magnolia River

Magnolia River Services is a trusted provider of pipeline, infrastructure, and geospatial solutions in the downstream energy industry. With a focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and excellence, Magnolia River serves clients across the globe, delivering exceptional results in engineering, inspection, GIS, and technology.


About Heath and Associates

Since 1960, Heath and Associates (based in Shelby, NC) has served our clients in the energy industry with engineering and management consulting services. Heath and Associates' performance is well grounded in a history of satisfied clients - primarily serving a client base of 30-40 publicly and privately owned gas systems. Heath and Associates will continue to provide its Gas Supply and Marketing related services independently of Magnolia River.